What's a health coach?

A health coach works with you, to guide and support you, to help you feel your best. 

I want you to thrive – whatever thriving means for you. 

Eating well and moving your body is important, but I’ll also explore the bigger picture with you. We can look at what else in your life might need a bit more attention, whether that’s your relationships, your career, your stress levels, or anything else that is having an impact. It all adds up. 

Having said that, if you’ve got a clear and specific goal – say, to lose weight – then that can be our focus. It’s up to you. 

I won’t assume that what works for someone else will work for you. I won’t ask you to follow a strict diet or exercise plan (unless you want to, of course). 

There won’t be any gimmicks. Instead, I’ll help you make practical lifestyle changes that are sustainable.  

I’ll let you take the lead. I won’t make you do anything, or discuss anything, that you don’t want to. We’ll focus on what’s important to you, and we’ll figure it out together. 

And if you hit a bump in the road, or a setback in your progress, I’ll be there to help you adapt and keep going.  

I’ll have your back. I’ll listen. And I’ll help you take really good care of yourself.  

Get in touch if you’d like to have a one-hour, free conversation with me. No commitment, just a chance for us to find out more about each other. 

I’d love to hear from you. 

I work in line with the UK & International Health Coaching Association Scope of Practice.

Find out more here: ukihca.com/scope-of-practice

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Like many health coaches, my first client was myself.

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"Jo helped me to zoom out and get a more balanced view."