‘Jo is intuitive, creative, inspiring and interesting. I’d recommend her to everyone!’ 

‘Jo made me feel that I was a valuable individual who should want to look good, feel great and live well.’ 

‘Jo’s creative ideas helped me to create and embed new healthy habits, that now feel so easily achievable as part of my weekly routine.’ 

‘I felt a relationship of equality where Jo wanted me to achieve my goals as much as I did.’ 

‘Jo is knowledgeable about a wide variety of issues to do with health and well-being and not just diet and nutrition, but the necessary ingredients that go into making a life not just well-lived, healthy and enjoyable, but one that is more meaningful in terms of how an individual defines their life and the purpose they want from it.’ 

‘Jo was kind but also very focused.’ 

‘I like the way I was given strategies to manage interacting with others over food.’ 

‘Jo's coaching was very tailored to me.’ 

‘Jo has a non-judgemental warmth and relatable way about her, coupled with a deep understanding of her subject.’ 

‘I used to have spikes in hunger which have now levelled out and this has resulted in me no longer obsessing about the next meal.’ 

‘Travelling with work used to result in very poor eating habits for me, but I now have much more awareness and plan better for this situation.’ 

‘I have learnt that I can scale back on over exercising as I’m now more aware of eating better. Before the coaching, I was over exercising to compensate for poor eating habits.’ 

‘Jo helped me to zoom out and get a more balanced view of the areas I needed to focus on and develop.  Finding a balance between 'work' and 'life' and discovering that there might also be space for 'wellbeing' and 'joy', has been so valuable to me.’  

‘The most significant change I have noticed since starting the programme is: I’ve never been hungry.’ 

‘I have more patience with my children now that I have carved space for ME into the weekly rhythm.’ 

‘I could feel the improvements in myself as the programme progressed.’ 

‘Jo was attuned to the nuances and subtleties that anybody retains with issues surrounding their weight. I never felt that I could bluff my way through with superficial answers: she was probing and focused on me getting clarity.’ 

‘I have felt increasingly healthy and energetic throughout the course of coaching and have happily dealt with several niggling health issues, and persistent fatigue.’ 

‘Things that had previously felt like a chore, now feel like a real pleasure.’ 

‘As a mum to young children I had been neglecting my own needs, and having my weekly calls with Jo has helped immeasurably.’   

'A big thank you for everything I’ve learnt. It has been life changing for me.’ 

‘Having Jo’s knowledge and guidance has been exceptional. I have learned so much about foods that was a revelation to me.’ 

‘It was the perfect level of support. Jo was very thorough, organised and supportive.’   

‘Re-learning about food has been a real surprise – I thought that I knew lots, but it turns out I had a lot of misconceptions.’ 

‘I would heartily recommend Jo's coaching support to anyone who doesn't feel they are totally loving life. If you're feeling drained, a bit lost / unsure of how to make the best of life - Jo is likely (in my view) to have some really valuable guidance to get you thriving.’